Windsurf Lessons Overview

Levels / Lessons


I have been operating as a small hobby business teaching windsurfing for more than 10 years. I have taught hundreds of lessons, with students ranging from young to old, small to tall, light to heavy.

I have spent many hours training with windsurfing Pros and coaches. I know what works and what doesn't. I truly believe anyone that wants to learn can.


We provide the gear required for your lesson. We use new modern gear. Our boards and sails are updated every few years. We rotate our gear to make sure you demo the "latest greatest".

I choose equipment that is the best for learning. I trying to keep light weight yet durable rigs for every body size. 8-year-olds to 90-year-olds should be able to lift the rigs and sail easily.

  • Starboard Rios
Sail Rigs
  • Severne XS-3's
  • Severne Synergy Rigs
  • Ezzy Powerglide Rigs
  • Starboard WindSUP Sails


Rates are posted in the shop. Current Rates


Yours' and my safety is a top priority. We pick our locations that provide a safe environment to learn. Just like the bunny slope at the resort we keep you in a spot that reduces risks.

Swimming ability

We should never sail further away then we can and are willing to swim. Students should expect to swim up to 100 yards.

Should I know how to swim - yes please. If you are not comfortable swimming in open water please tell us before hand so we can make sure a life jacket is available.